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Do you have contact info for thousands of playlists?
Now you do.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who's this for?
Artists & labels who want their music added to playlists.
What do I get?
Email addresses & instagram usernames of people who run big playlists.
How much does it cost?
Nothing, but you have to be a DistroKid member. Sign up now.
Won't playlist owners just get spammed by everyone?
We show you how many times a playlist has been contacted, so you can focus on fresh ones.
How many playlist contacts are there here?
Thousands, almost every genre and niche.
Do these playlist owners really want their contact info to be publicly available?
Yes. They've posted their contact info & have asked to be contacted.
Anything to watch out for?
If a playlister asks you to pay for placement, don't do it. They'll use fake bot streams and Spotify may remove your music.
I own a playlist. How do I add my contact information?
Add it to the public description field in your playlist.
I own a playlist. How can I remove my contact info?
Remove it from the public description field in your playlist.